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ProTrainings are proud to present this Knife Crime First Aid course in association with the ForJodie Project. The course is designed to provide training and first aid techniques to deal with either a knife wound or indeed any catastrophic bleed. Here Andy and Anna from the ForJodie Project speak about the work of the charity.

The ForJodie Project we started in memory of Jodie Chesney. Jodie was one of our scouts. She grew up in Barking, Dagenham and was a cub and went all the way through to explore scouts, however she was the victim of a very unfortunate knife attack and she lost her life on the 1st March 2019. So our project has been set up to try and equip people so that if they find themselves in a situation, whether it be a knife attack similar to Jodie's, whether it's someone they pass in the street who's been injured from a fatal wound, that they have the skills to be able to help them and hopefully change the outcome. So it's different to Jodie's. We know that there is calls for more first aid training, more first response training, and to be able to give people that confidence to be able to deliver that and do that themselves, and with the bleed control kits it's being able to make sure that there is the right first aid materials out there to begin to hopefully change the outcomes.

The goals of the charity take us back to scouting where we try to do good for the community and we're looking to provide first aid training and to provide bleed control kits to the community to be able to hopefully change the outcome if somebody else was the victim like Jodie was and make it better for them. Lots of people would not have the first idea of how to treat a knife wound, whether it's an instant in their kitchen, to something more fatal and so, one of the things we want to do is make sure that that training is out there. So be it a video you watch at home, to a more in-depth training course and people have those skills to be able to deal with those incidents.

So bleed control kits are special first aid kits which have extra bandages in them which deal with heavy bleeding. They will have special dressings in them which help with clotting of blood and other equipment which will stop major bleeding. We're looking to put these kits into the local community in key areas where there may be knife crime, or other areas where there may be a high possibility of injury such as, construction. So we may be placing them outside the train station, we may be placing them outside the public house, or we will also be looking to place them into workplaces. The good thing about an online course is once you've done it you can take it again and be able to really take that time to understand the course in a way that's best for you. Unfortunately we won't be able to see every person in the country to deliver this training but if it makes it accessible to be able to start that understanding and that learning then yes, it will definitely help. Where we would normally maybe train only half a dozen people, we now have the opportunity to train many many more and the new software that's available online provides this really good base to teach new skills. We're very pleased that ProTrainings UK have joined up with us and are supporting us and they're providing us with free online training and that will help greatly with our cause. The ForJodie Project can be contacted through our website which is ForJodieProject.org.uk or you can find us on social media or Facebook and Twitter.